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Posted by The Northlander from on May 22, 1998 at 21:58:45:

In Reply to: Re: Temple of doom and last crusade music rights posted by Bo on May 19, 1998 at 19:02:11:

: I just recently purchased Crusade and the expanded Raiders, and have found out that Temple is out of print. Is there anyone on these boards with a copy of Temple who is willing to spin a copy for me? I can offer quality widescreen copies of any of the movies as trade, as I have them on laserdisc. Other than that though, I'm afraid I don't have many Indy related items to offer as collateral. If so, please Email me.

I used to have a tape of TOD that I bought at a Radio Shack that was going out of business. It was like 3 dollars or something. I had that tape for years and years, until one day...

A friend of mine was doing a radio show where he would play movie scores, and he asked to borrow it. I said "If you borrow it I'll never see it again!" He promised he would bring it back the next day, and begged be over and over (I was reluctant to give in, as he had a habit of misplacing things.) Well, as another of Ford's characters once said, "But he IS my friend..." so I ended up letting him take it, with the promise it would be back the next day.

Bye bye TOD.

I didn't even hear from him the next day, and when I finally did, and asked for my tape, he said it was in a bag at his house. He later looked for it, and said he couldn't find it. I knew this would happen - it was like a nightmare come true. There is nothing I can possess that he can not misplace! ARGH!

The only good things that came out of it are A) a perfect excuse to never lend him another thing - ever, and B) well.... there's nothing much good about it, come to think of it. I want my TOD score!!!!


PS: The Raiders score is great, but that's still not ALL the music. When Lucasfilm gets the rights to all three again, I expect nothing less that EVERYTHING from all three, just like they did with the Star Wars special edition scores.

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