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Posted by Ben, friend of Indy from on May 24, 1998 at 12:43:41:

In Reply to: Re: About the alternative chapter 6... posted by raven on May 17, 1998 at 18:00:30:

: : : Mr. Ram,
: : : It would please me so much if we refrained from cussing in the novel. I do not like to curse, I never have. So please stop it! In chapter 6, you used quite a lot. Even if Indy does it in the movies, please don't do it. I might even write an alternative chapter 6.
: : : Toht

: : Yeah, please cut out the swearing. As a matter of fact, in Indy and the Hollow Earth it says that Indy doesn't swear in intense situations [usually!] because he believes it matters when your life is over...

: : And also, about Indy and Clarence's falling out--they're pretty good friends [also see Hollow Earth], and I think the only way that Clarence could do that is if he were drunk--really drunk, which he often gets.

: : But now with my preaching behavior, I'm starting to sound like Mack, so if you want, you can do whatever you please with the story--after all, the Forum Novel's story is completely open-ended at all times [not crippled by days of extensive research and a fixed plot, Mack!]. But please, still try to cut out the swearing!

: : ~Aaron: One Who Is Getting Real Sick of Mack

: it may have said indy doesn't swear in intense situations, but the movies seem to contradict this. "holy shit" is used during the sub encounter and "son of a bitch" in the well of souls in raiders. "shit" in the rope bridge scene in tod. "jesus christ" in last crusade. swearing has always occurred at critical moments. its realistic in these scenarios. it suits this character's rugged image. also, the people behind the movie created this story and this character, not the authors behind the book series. raiders probably deserved an 'r' rating for intense violence. although i thoroughly enjoyed tod and lc, they didn't retain the seriousness raiders had. tod was a bit campy and lc was too lighthearted. they're great movies though, just not as great as raiders.

The "R" rating wasn't there in 1984 (I think that's when Raiders was made), so it was impossible for it to have...oops, I'm thinking about PG-13, so sorry.

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