Chapter 12 [and possible title?]

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Posted by Aaron from on May 25, 1998 at 10:39:40:

Well, personally, I think this story is going along quite well, and I hope it continues. If it does, we'll obviously have to come up with a title. I suggest:

Indiana Jones and the Golden Death

What do you guys think? Come up with more so we can pick the best one!


Chapter 12

Indy and Drake's five-hour trek back through the jungle seemed short and uneventful, as did the hitchhiked ride back into town. However, Drake, still feeling a bit woozy, couldn't help but kiss the ground in front of their hotel when they arrived.
Indy, solid faced, kept walking.
"What's the matter, Dr. Jones? Aren't you happy to be back?" Drake asked, spitting out gravel.
"Happy to be back? Oh, yes. Happy with what happened today? Not in the least." Indy muttered. He stopped walking and turned around. "I thought you wanted to avenge your fathers death, and as soon as possible--what happened to that?"
"What happened to that? I was almost killed today, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT!"
"And you didn't think what killed your father could kill you?"
"Well, I...I..." Drake was near tears.
"Look, Drake, I'm sorry for snapping. But I warned you before we started this whole thing, didn't I? I warned you that we could get in over our heads?"
"Well, yeah, I geuss so..." Drake sniffled.
"Good," Indy said as he turned and began walking up the stairs to their room. "Because what happened today could very well happen again, and..." he continued as he opened the door and entered the room. "Hey, where's Clarence?"
Inside the room, Indy saw Clarence's cot knocked over, and shards of broken glass all over the floor near the now-broken window.
Through clenched teeth, Indy said, "They just don't give up, do they?"

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