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Posted by Arc from on May 27, 1998 at 05:19:52:

In Reply to: Indy Cartoon posted by The Northlander on May 26, 1998 at 18:26:26:

: : There are two reasons why I'm posting this: 1) I'm hungry for more Indy-esque adventure; and 2) When I was playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, it dawned to me: why not make an indy cartoon. Now I'm not saying to make the next Indy movie a cartoon or an animated feature (although it would be cool if Disney or another body else who could do it along does lines in Indy form), but a sort of weekly saturday animated features. It doesn't have to be kiddie, because the story could worked on all level (take the Simpson and South Park for example).

: A friend and I were recently discussing this. Now you all know darn well that if "they" made an Indy cartoon for Saturday morning (assuming Lucas allowed them to) it would be Young Indy and would have a kiddie/stupid feel to it. However, I would love to see someone that's mature enough to realize that Indy is also fun for adults make a weekly show, something in a serious tone (such as Batman the Animated Series) and give the adventures a true Indy feel to boot. The voice of Indy could be done by Doug Lee, who voiced him in the computer game. Would be great - but isn't ever gonna' happen.

: -Northy-

I'm gonna tried to get it on the air and let Steven Spielberge do it, since he is making the first full hour animated drama "Invasion America" and that he has produced other animated shows such as Tiny Toons, Animanaics, Frakazoid, et al. I don't know if my method may or may not worked, but I'm gonna tried. I'll keep you informed.

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