Indiana Jones and the Infernel Machine

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Posted by Adam Mattern from on May 28, 1998 at 07:42:48:

Many thanks to Sith Sunstorm for the address to the Indinana Jones
screen shots (I took the long way, LucasArts has added a few things to their web page). The game looks pretty good, Indy is dressed similarily to The Temple of Doom. Indy doesn't look quite like Harrison Ford, but I'll be to be busy dodging scorpions and death traps to really notice. Some of you will be happy to know that there are no Nazi's and no religious artifacts.
Those of you (us) who are fans of Fate of Atlantis, Sophia Hapgood is in the game as well. There is even a multi-player aspect!!
It's coming out (in theory) the second half of 1998. I've been waiting for this one since Doom!!

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