Do you really want a fourth sequel?????

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Posted by Indiana Jones from on May 28, 1998 at 16:23:57:

I'm not trying to say, "I'm tired of Indiana Jones. He sucks." (I can't believe I wrote that, I'd cut my hands off if I didn't need to practice with my bullwhip.) I'm just saying, and this is my opinion, maybe it should stop with Last Crusade. Ya know, Indy, his dad, Sallah, and Brody riding off into the sunset. From what I observed, maybe Lucas and Speilberg wanted to stop with that movie and end it there. I mean, they went after the greatest treasure known to man: the Holy Grail. They found it and took out a large portion of the Nazi Army(I hate those guys.) at the same time. It's not a complaint, just my opinion. I still like Indiana Jones and when the new movie comes out, I'm going to be the first person in Vegas at the theater door. Yes, you heard me ladies and gentlemen who haven't heard yet: They're going to make Indy 4 with Kevin Costner as Indiana Jones (I'm kidding. I don't want the Postman delivering a crappy Indy movie as much as you do.) No, with Harrison Ford as our favorite bullwhip-cracking-Nazi-face-flattening-gun-toting-treasure-seeking-always-gets-the-girl hero: Henry "Indiana" Jones (Jr.)


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