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Posted by KEN from on May 29, 1998 at 23:01:21:

So what does Spielberg's spokesperson mean when he said that Indy 4 is a project that isn't on his list right now? Does this mean that Spielberg isn't considering doing it now or what? Do u guys think this guy is bluffing? Also, (Matt) and I read in Cinescape Insider that "Geisha" was dropped by Dreamworks. So why take it to another studio? Also, why do they keep insisting that it is still a scheduling problem? Harrison has next summer free, Spielberg has the summer free. As far as Lucas goes, SW1 will be out in theatres by then and SW2 won't be out until 2002. So that should leave him sometime to spend on Indy 4 (being that he is only the producer). Harrison or Steven better give us fans a definite answer this summer during their recent press junketts whether they have a great script or not. I am sick of all this VAGUE information. I don't want to know what it is about nor do i want to know what it will be called. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS R THEY DOING IT OR R THEY NOT AND WHEN IT WILL IT BE OUT!!!!!!!! And what about this Rick McCallum jerk? A while back he said they had a great script for Indy 4 and that it would be out by May 2000 at the latest. Now he is recently said that, " their is nothing but Star Wars right now." WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON? Also, Phil Culvin (a regular on the forum) saw the program called "FIlm Review '98" back in February and said that he saw with his own eyes and ears that Spielberg said, "there will be another Indiana Jones". So u figure we would be all comfortable with that information....I don't know about that anymore. I don't know what to think. If production of Indy 4 doesn't happen next summer I think we can all kiss it goodbye. Because I really think we would have heard some sort of confirmation by Lucasfilm by now. It's getting ridiculous. It was a year ago to the day when that jerk Harry Knowles posted that crap about that meeting between the big 3 in London to discuss Indy 4. So it's been a whole year of nothing but b.s. and nothing solid from Lucasfilm. I have had it!!! I can't take it anymore. By the way, Harrison will be on Good Morning America on Monday not Wednesday.


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