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Posted by Indiana Jones from on May 31, 1998 at 15:31:00:

In Reply to: Re: Have we waited to long? posted by nitzsche on May 31, 1998 at 13:01:29:

: : Listening to all the comments, it left me thinking has this next movie been to long on the drawing board?
: : Yes I know were all indiana Jones fans, but what if they can never make another movie up to par with the last ones?
: : Is it worth that?, personally I'm all for another movie...
: : but I feel it could be disapointing, especially if they were to use a different actor for the lead....then I think do we really want Indy to be wearing an earing? in that era?
: : -Indys Advocate.

: is the earring you're referring to the one harrison ford wears in the upcoming six days seven nights? why would they get a different actor for the lead? i'm dismayed that people believe the movie would fail because harrison is in his mid-fifties. age is one of the best character developments in story-telling; do we not want to follow the character through more lifetime experiences than a five-year span? the young indy series added a wonderfully faceted image of the indy character. an older indy shouldn't be a problem if we are interested enough in the character. besides, i think harrison has added quite a lot to the development of indy. still, he's an actor, who portrays other characters also. he is not indiana jones playing the president, or a new york police seargent, or a earring-sporting cargo pilot. he is merely the catalyst by which indiana jones was introduced to the public. the story on the other hand, is the big issue. will a plausible fourth installment live up to the character and mood of the previous films? with spielberg, lucas, and ford as the deciding factors, how could it be that bad. i'm sure they've turned down numerous scripts. if the movie happens, i'm sure it will be outstanding, with further developments to the indy character.

: -nitzsche

I agree with you Indy's Advocate. Can Lucas, Speilberg, and Ford make another Indiana Jones as good as the other ones? But I also agree with Nitzsche. Harrison Ford's a great actor, possibly the greatest actor of all time, and he can still act in his "old" age and maybe even expand Indiana Jones' charecter to a greater extent.


P.S: People who wear earrings are able to take them off and put them back on.

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