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Posted by Max Schulte from on June 01, 1998 at 13:15:44:

In Reply to: Re: Mark VII Bag? posted by Dan Borton on June 01, 1998 at 12:43:43:

: : : I know we pretty much covered this topic, however I have a question about one of the variations concerning the attachment loop holding the metal rings to the bag. So far I have found both a canvas and a cotton webbing versions for the 1942 bags in the past. I was wondering if any other collectors, knew what the deal is on this variation, and which might be more accurate to the Indy Trilogy. The main reason I am asking is, I found one Mark VII bag with the
: : : " VII W & G 1932 LTD 1942" printing, like the one sold at the Indiana Jones Butterfeild auction a few years back. It has the cotton webbing ring attachment, but I was under the impression they were canvas. I know, I am obsessed with minor details , but I would appreciate any input.

: : : Thanks

: : : Dan

: : In my opinion the 'original' attachment loop was cotton. Just watch
: : the bridge scenes again in ToD. You can see the light, yellowish green
: : cotton loops very well, especially during the scene when Indy and
: : Mola Ram are hanging at the bridge. I have got the "VII W & G 1932 LTD
: : 1943" version and it has cotton loops as well. And like you said the
: : 1942 model carried in ToD had cotton loops instead of canvas.

: : I'd appreciate any more information about the loops as they weren't
: : mentioned before...

: : Regards,
: : -Max

: : PS: By the way, Dan, has this Mark Allen guy a website???

: Thanks Max, After I posted this message last night, I went back and rechecked a bunch of sources. The fight on the tank in the Last Crusade, provided some good shots of the bag. Indeed there were the cotton loops. What threw me is that I have a couple photos from the ToD and the Last Crusade that show the bag with the canvas loops. They must have used both during production.

: Mark’s web site is

: Dan

Excellent! Thanks for the Mark-Allen-Link. I wanted to check out the
reproductions of the Indiana Jones style whip he makes/imports. Well,
I'm certainly no whip expert but I think there are slight differences
between the David Morgan one and the one of Mark Allen. Maybe the photo
or the bad b&w scan made the handle look thinner. The whip in it's whole
looks a little bit thinner and 'cheaper'. What do you say? I only hope
that I didn't waste my hard earned money on the Dave Morgan model and
would have gone better with the Mark Allen. I also checked out the whip
holsters: There were no photos indeed and there was no useful
description so I'm also unsure if they are Indy-authentic.

Oh yes, nearly forgot the topic - regarding the shoulder bag: I never
saw any canvas loops in the movies but I'm quite sure that the changes
you recall are similar to other ones discussed here. They kept on using
different props in the movies. I remember posts about a hat that changes
it's shape, one more drainage hole appeared in the bag and one thing
that was really interesting (at least for me) was the disussion about
the double buckle on the strap. I'm still pretty sure that there was
only one buckle on it. At least I didn't notice another one during the
market place fight scenes.
Anyway, pretty good question concerning the strap ring loops.


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