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Posted by Dan Borton from on June 01, 1998 at 22:10:51:

In Reply to: Re: Mark VII Bag? posted by Max Schulte on June 01, 1998 at 13:15:44:

: Excellent! Thanks for the Mark-Allen-Link. I wanted to check out the
: reproductions of the Indiana Jones style whip he makes/imports. Well,
: I'm certainly no whip expert but I think there are slight differences
: between the David Morgan one and the one of Mark Allen. Maybe the photo
: or the bad b&w scan made the handle look thinner. The whip in it's whole
: looks a little bit thinner and 'cheaper'. What do you say? I only hope
: that I didn't waste my hard earned money on the Dave Morgan model and
: would have gone better with the Mark Allen. I also checked out the whip
: holsters: There were no photos indeed and there was no useful
: description so I'm also unsure if they are Indy-authentic.

: Oh yes, nearly forgot the topic - regarding the shoulder bag: I never
: saw any canvas loops in the movies but I'm quite sure that the changes
: you recall are similar to other ones discussed here. They kept on using
: different props in the movies. I remember posts about a hat that changes
: it's shape, one more drainage hole appeared in the bag and one thing
: that was really interesting (at least for me) was the disussion about
: the double buckle on the strap. I'm still pretty sure that there was
: only one buckle on it. At least I didn't notice another one during the
: market place fight scenes.
: Anyway, pretty good question concerning the strap ring loops.

: Regards,
: -Max

Max, Mark Allenís Indy style Bullwhip is a pretty close copy to David Morganís. The fact that the photos on the web site are bad do not help matters, but the handle style is the basically the same. According to Mark, they both have the double plaited kangaroo under bellies. There are some minor differences though, in construction and the materials used. It is a very good, professional quality, imported whip, but David Morganís is better. Donít worry, You did not waste your money with David Morganís whip. Besides the fact that its a great whip, its also as close as you can get to having the Indiana Jones bullwhip, with out spending mega-bucks for one of the movie props.

As for the whip holsters at Marks web page and in his catalog, they are not Indy authentic. They are more suited for wild west performances. He is supposed to carry one that is a good reproduction of the one used in the movies. It is not shown in the catalog, so you have to contact them on its availability. Make sure you send for one of his catalogs, its full of all sorts of whipcracking goodies. Hope this helps


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