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Posted by Brisco from on June 02, 1998 at 18:31:57:

In Reply to: Harrison on Rosie: Indy 4 is OFFICIALLY DEAD and I think even Micah knows that now posted by KEN on June 01, 1998 at 17:32:52:

: Well as most of u probably know by now Harrison was on Rosie this morning and stated that there hasn't been a scipt for about 5 to 6 years. I am not the kind of person to say I told u all so, but I knew this was going to happen. I am going on the record and saying that Indy 4 is DEAD. And don't anyone tell me that Lucasfilm is just trying to mislead us. If Indy 4 was going to happen within the next 2 years Harrison Ford would of said so on Rosie today. I would like to thank the following people who basically lied to us over the past year: Harrison Ford who stated on numerous programs that "'s just a matter of scheduling." Steven Spielberg who stated on "Film Review '98" that ..."there will be another Indiana Jones. We r just sorting out a few ideas right now". Rick McCallum who stated in a interview from last year which I know all of u remeber, "We have a GREAT SCRIPT for Indy 4. It will be out in the year 2000 at the latest". George Lucas who stated at the SW press conference last July, "We r working on a script right now and it's just a matter of scheduling". We put r hopes of another Indy installment in those guys hands and look what they did to us. I wouldn't been as pissed off if they said from the beginning that they didn't have a scipt, But no, what do they do? They all LIED!

Ken, read what you just wrote. Your own evidence supports the idea that Indy 4 IS in some stage of production. You had about five quotes to that effect, and one allegedly in the other direction. (Although HF certainly did NOT say Indy 4 is dead; he merely said there isn't a script.) Until there's an announcement made OFFICIALLY one way or the other, we have to weigh the evidence, and all that you quote is supportive of the movie currently being worked on.

: Also, don't anyone tell me that there is still hope. Even if a script did turn up within the next year that they all agreed on, do u know how many rewrites it would take before they r all totally satisfied? Too long!!! By that time SW3 will be out and Harrison will be 63. To be honest, I think Micah shouldn't even bother with "The Latest" section of the site anymore. What's the point? And u know what, I think Micah is probably thinking about that as well. Remeber, I am just as upset as the rest of u that there won't be another Indy film. I just wished we weren't screwed over.

OK, ignoring everything else, even if LucasFilm suddenly officially cancelled Indy 4, there would still be cause for "the latest." May I remind you that that section covers information about ALL aspects of Indy, not just a fourth movie? Just this week we had the most exciting Indy news in ages with the announcement of a new computer game. Furthermore, there is at least one more novel coming out, as well as random things like the Fielding Guide and Young Indy and the Ring of Power and eventually the Young Indy videos. Indy 4 is not dead. INDIANA JONES is CERTAINLY not dead. There will still be new Indy stories in some format in twenty years and beyond. Trust me. :)


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