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Posted by Mack from on June 02, 1998 at 21:57:01:

For the next month, you will hear nothing from me for I will be out of the country. I'm going on a university funded (University of Texas in Austin) Mayan archaeological dig in Belize. I leave Thursday. With this in mind, I wanted to get a few things cleared up before I go.

What has happened to the novel? Is it just dead? I haven't seen anybody contribute to it for quite some time. I thought it was just getting interesting, to. I would like for plenty of people to contribute to the novel (or maybe even finish it) for me to enjoy when I get back.

Speaking of fan novels, for a while now I've been working on a fan story but doesn't really have Indiana Jones in it. Instead, I've made a complete ripp-off character called Rickman Stash (or Rickman Macentire. Respond to this letter on which name you prefer). The target audience is obviously IndyFans like ourselves. I hope to get the stories published and write sequels. The first story I'm going to post in sections on this very forum when I return from Belize. By then I will hopefully know enough about REAL archaeology to write about it. The first story is about Rickman racing against a rival archaeologist and a band of banditos, who claim to be descendents of Cortes, to find a secret cache of treasures from all over Mesoamerica that once belonged to Cortes himself. Other stories I will write involve a lost Mayan kingdom, the holy artifacts described in Exodus, and the lost city of Atlantis (of course). If you respond to this letter, please tell me if these sound like good plots and is something you would read. If nobody is interested, I won't waist my time. Please letme know.

Another thing: I've always said that I would gladly contribute to a mass-letter to LucasArts in order to get their priorities straight on Indy 4. All that needs to happen is for somebody to organize it. If no one will, then I might, damnit! It's time to get to work on Indy 4 OURSELVES! It must happen!

Well, um, I think that's it. If you read this, please respond about the stories I've mentioned earlier. Farewell!... for now ;)


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