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Posted by Laurie Jensen from on June 02, 1998 at 23:05:39:

In Reply to: What was done with the 'Raiders' Jacket? posted by Max Schulte on May 31, 1998 at 06:49:33:

: OK, I have my Wested jacket now for quite a while but there are still some things that I'm unsure about concerning the authencity:

: 1. In Raiders the jacket is really dark brown, nearly black. However, the jacket that is currently made at Wested is brown and in bright daylight you can see that it is lighter than the jacket used in the movie.

: 2. The jacket made by Wested nowadays has a nice brass zipper but the 'original' zipper appears to be silver.

: 3. The adjustable leather straps at the sides seem to be different as well. The Wested I have has these brass D-rings. However, in the truck scenes in 'Raiders' the leather straps look quite strange. Maybe there was some kind of buckle attached to the jacket or the straps were adjusted in an unusual way. You have a good view when Indy is hanging on the hood of the truck shortly before he slides under it and is dragged behind it.

: Has anyone answers to these questions? I'd appreciate any help...

: Regards,
: -Max

I agree with Stephen, the color variation is probably a result of camera tricks rather than a change in the jacket. Other possibilities are that you happened to get a jacket that dyed a little bit lighter (I think Stephen alluded to this) or that Wested changed dye suppliers and is using a different brand. I think a change in supplier also accounts for the change in the buckle. Last night, I took out my Indy tapes and checked the scenes I knew had decent shots of the straps. You were right, the Raiders and TOD jackets had a different buckle system, one that featured a sort of squarish head reminiscent of the bag get-up. However, the LC jacket definitely has the D-ring design (you can see this clearly when Henry reaches for the lighter) which makes me believe they changed suppliers. The continued use of the D-rings on Raiders jackets seems to confirm a change in distributor, rather than just another variation in style. Not surprising really, given the 18 year gap between the initial jacket design and the current model sold to fans. Just another little thing to drive us all crazy.

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