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Posted by Deirdre Jones from on June 03, 1998 at 09:42:21:

Hi Gang,

I just received this information from my boyfriend and I thought that I better put this up on the forum with everything that is going on with rumors and such, what's one more.

And here's some news that was just posted over at the
"Aint-it-cool-news" website. It's kinda just rumor, but interesting enough.


Indiana Jones IV news???

Ok folks this may be a load of malarky, but the spy (Agent Kushing) has supplied some reliable information in the past, supplies this.. cryptic information... this unknown tidbit that the scooper aims at the Indy IV rumors of recent. But wait, you say you saw Harrison Ford on Rosie O'Donnell and heard Harrison Ford say that Lucas and Spielberg have yet to find a script yet. Well, I have made it a practice to never listen to stars that are talking on shows immediately before the release of their most recent film (SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS). This is usually when the stars are most focused and unwilling to talk about other projects. Well, here's what Agent Kushing had to say...

I was in the Bahamas this winter SCUBA diving at a dive site known as Atlantis. Anyway, some guys on my boat had these huge underwater cameras and flares which they brought down with them on their dive. I asked them what they were for and they told me that they were filming test shots for a movie about the Lost City of Atlantis. I asked who was making it and they told me two guys who love special effects. No names or exact titles of the movie could be given. I tried.

For some reason, I thought of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, but now I have read the rumors of Indiana Jones 4 possibly being about the lost city of Atlantis. What two guys love special effects more than Spielberg and Lucas? Please Harry, find out if I witnessed the first stages of the making of Indian Jones 4. Please find out.


Well that's it.


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