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Posted by Brisco from on June 05, 1998 at 11:21:42:

In Reply to: We need proof and we need it now!!!!!!!!!! posted by Indiana Jones on June 05, 1998 at 08:45:09:

: Allright. Ken's gone. He got tired of hearing rumors and other things. Right now, what I am asking of you hardcore, and I mean really HARDCORE Indy fans is to get some news, tangible news I can sink my teeth into. If these rumors keep occuring, and people start following what Ken's doing, we're not going to have a forum any more. Who knows, maybe Lucas or Speilberg or Ford goes to this place and sees what we're saying! Maybe they want to know how much we want Indy! I know how hard it is to do, finding facts about Indy 4. I know it's asking a lot, but we need to keep this forum going. Some of us, this includes me, need this place to know that there are other people out there who are Indiana Jones fans out there. That there are still people out there who like Indiana Jones as much as Star Wars or even more. That this genre will not die out due to lack of interest. I know alot of you think I'm thinking out of my butt, but that's just all I have to say.
: Indy

OK, I agree it would be nice to have tangible info about Indy 4, but I don't agree that it is necessary to keep this forum going. As I said in my reply to Ken's original post-Rosie post, there are plenty of other Indiana Jones things out there than just the rumored fourth movie. It is only very recently that this board has been fueled by rumor after rumor. It is only recently that this latest spat of Indy rumors has popped up on the net. Again, I'll state that there are plenty of other things to discuss in the world of Indiana Jones: There is a new computer game coming out!!! Perhaps a comic, and as someone speculated, maybe even a soundtrack will accompany this! There is a new novel coming out this summer sometime! The Young Indy Chronicles will have to be released on video eventually. After all, they did go to all the trouble of filming those final two installments. And even without all that new stuff, we could have plenty of discussion on this forum just talking about the existing Indy canon. There are three movies to discuss, more than 20 TV episodes, lots of novels, and lots of comics. I'm glad that this forum is attracting the most activity I've seen here since its inception, but it doesn't have to all relate to Indy 4 rumors. After all, that's only a VERY small part of Micah's page, anyway! The page is devoted to existing Indy stuff! So, here: I'll propose some interesting topic threads that have nothing to do with a fourth movie:
What is your favorite Indy novel? Why?
Who is the best Indy author?
What Indy comic book did you like the best? Why?
Marvel Vs. Dark Horse
How did Indy spend WWII? That time period is off limits to book and comic writers per order of George Lucas
Has anyone actually seen "Transylvania 1918?"
Who plays the Indy roleplaying game?
Is it just me, or does a fly actually crawl into Belloq's mouth when he is telling Indy to blow up the Ark with his bazooka?
Which Indy poster is your favorite?
Marion vs. Willie vs. Elsa vs. Sophie
What is your favorite Indy-inspired movie or TV show? (Or Indy rip-off.) Mine is obviously "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr."

Etc. You get the picture. I've avoided questions about where to get Indy's clothes, because I think that's finally been covered to its fullest extent on this forum. ;) But it would be nice to discuss some of these topics instead of the latest recycled internet rumor about Indy 4, wouldn't it?

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