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Posted by Michaelson from on June 05, 1998 at 11:22:29:

In Reply to: Re: LL Bean Pants posted by Laurie Jensen on June 04, 1998 at 14:26:14:

: : : : I have heard that the pants and shirt were made by Angels and Burmans. Is it possible to order the clothes from them somehow. I can't find an addrewss anywhere or a phone neumber

: : : : Matt

: : : The pants were made by Angels and Burmans, but they aren't available to the general public. A and B only rent out their costumes, so ownership of the real pants is currently impossible. Indy's shirt was made by a London designer named Andre Dometakis, who works primarily in the film industry. There is conflicting news about whether you can order a shirt from him. Most reports say forget about it; he's too busy and the work takes too long to complete to make it worth your while. However, a couple of months ago a woman named Sophie Cresswell left a message on this board claiming to be a good friend of Mr. Dometakis. She said that he is very busy with film work, but that she might be of some assistance in ordering the shirt from him. Her message can be found way at the bottom of archive page number 6, under a thread about Indy's shirt. I don't know if anyone tried to e-mail her, but it may be worth a try. BTW, the shirt is very expensive-110 pounds-but this is normal for any handmade, high quality garment. I've seen many hand tailored shirts for double that price.

: : : You should really go back and check out some of the archived pages from this board. There are a lot of threads discussing the clothing of Indy, possible lookalikes, the true color of garments, etc. In particular, check out the archives from 6 on up. This website also has a whole section devoted to Indy gear called X Marks the spot, and it's worth a look. Another possibility is a new site developed by some of the regulars from this board called Indy's Diggs. It's a FAQ page devoted to Indy gear. Unfortunately, the site is still under construction and only the parts about the bag, jacket, and guns are finished. You can find a link under some of Max Schulte's postings.

: : : Good luck and happy hunting

: : Laurie, in your prior posts concerning the pants you mentioned that
: : LL Bean offers a similar pair. I visited their web site but I couldn't
: : find them. What the exact name/article number or the exact URL of?
: : I have desperately trying to find a similar pair of Indy trousers but
: : they seem to be very rare.
: : I'd appreciate any help - thank you...

: : Regards,
: : -Max

: : PS: I've also included the link to the Indy's Diggs if anyone is
: : interested

: Hi, Max.

: Actually, BAM was the one who mentioned Bean as a source for Indy pants, and Michaelson said that he had also ordered pants from them. I mentioned LLBean to Dale in my post based on their recomendation, since he was desperate for places to try (aren't we all?). The thread for these messages is in one of the recent archives, either in 7 or 8. I agree that none of the pants listed on the webpage looks like Indy's, but LLBean, like other businesses, probably doesn't show half the stuff they sell on the internet. You should e-mail BAM and Michaelson and ask them about the pants they bought, and then get yourself one of the catalogs from LLBean (they apparently ordered from the catalog). The catalog can be ordered from their webpage, I believe. Remember, a lot of Bean's clothing is also seasonal; those pants may only be available at certain times of the year, or they are available year round, but are only featured during certain seasons.

: Bean does sell cotton canvas pants with the double flap design; I found a pair in a local thrift shop that were a dark khaki, about the same shade as the pants shown on their page. However, BAM said his pants were Taupe (pinkish beige) like the slacks from LC, so I think he ordered something different than what is featured in their online catalog. As I said, I would check out his old messages and e-mail him for details. BTW, he also had some interesting things to say about the shirt. He was right on about the real color (stone) and said that his mother had made him a shirt using two identical shirts bought from Bean. She used one shirt as the base and another shirt to make the stripes and epaulets. It was great to hear that everything worked out and looked good; I've been thinking about doing the same thing, but I still haven't found any shirts that I like. Anyway, these are some good items for your Diggs page, when you finally get the clothing sections up and running.

: Good luck.

: Laurie

To confirm what Laurie said above, the LLB pants I have were the pleated Chino's, and are cataloged in LL Bean. The color I have are the dark khaki, but LL Bean has the infamous practice of changing colors and manufacturers in mid stream, sometimes mid order. The pants you see in the catalog may or may not be the same that arrives on your door step. I have also noticed that some recently offered Chino's no longer show the double rear pocket flaps, but have started adding pocket watch pockets on the front; a plus for me since I carry one. LL Bean can be a good, but sometimes fickle, source for the pants. Regards. Michaelson

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