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Posted by walker from on June 05, 1998 at 13:57:05:

In Reply to: There's an Indiana Jones role play game???? posted by Indiana Jones on June 05, 1998 at 12:50:47:

The first Indy RPG was put out by TSR back in 1984. It was a very attractive package built around a very poor gaming system. If memory serves, you could only play one of the movie characters and if you were playing with a group then somebody got to be Indy and somebody else would be stuck with - "gulp" - Willie. Also, Indy could get shot several times without too much of a problem, but if you punched him, forget it!

Around 1994 (?) or so, West End Games, the folks who do the Star Wars roleplaying game, started an Indy game. It was an improvement in the game system department, and you could make up your own adventuring characters, but it had one fatal flaw as far as I could tell:
the supplements were too blasted expensive! I bought them all, since I'm a sucker and I collect Indy stuff, but for the guy that just wants to buy one adventure it would still cost him about $18 - $20. The adventures themselves at least made pretty interesting reading and are, I believe, still available from most gaming stores and comic outlets.

: After reading the responses from my latest post on the forum (It's the one where I really freaked out for a minute.) I looked over Brisco's responses to different topics and found on that really interested me.

: "Who plays the Indy roleplaying game?"

: There's an Indy role playing game? Is it like Magic: The Gathering or the Star Wars kind, or is it different from that? If it's the video game, Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures, then it's old news to me. I just need to know. I'd like to start bugging some of my friends obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. Thanks.

: Indy

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