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Posted by Stephen from on June 07, 1998 at 17:55:34:

In Reply to: How about 15 percent? posted by Indiana Jones on June 05, 1998 at 08:32:13:

: : : : ...There is no point in making another movie if they cannot make it better than LC - which would be a very tough tassk indeed...

: : : : Why does the next movie have to be better than the last one? Why can't it just do justice to the Indy name by having all the things we expect in an Indy film happen? This continual raising of Indiana Jones to a sacred level is frustrating to understand. Isn't it more important to continue the saga of a character, than to end their adventures forever? Do you think Star Wars' popularity survived on three films alone? No, it was the continual output of new adventures that fans could rely on to make the universe bigger. Books, comics, toys and other merchandise. I think we should all stop defining a characters sanctity by limiting the amount of their appearances. And by the way, that means CHARACTER, not the actor who plays him.

: :
: : : I agree with both of you. You really can't top Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It's like making a sequel to Independence Day or Air Force One.
: : : But if they do make another Indy flick, they !HAVE! to use Harrison Ford because think of it: When you hear the name Indiana Jones, whose face is the first to pop up. Tom Selleck? I don't think so. The original is always the best.

: : : Indy

: :
: : I've noted in a previous post there's no reason many more Indy films
: : can't be made... while Harrison Ford may not play the role, there are
: : other actors who could (not unlike the ongoing saga of James Bond with
: : different actors) carrying on adventures ad infinitum. While there
: : will never be another original Indy/Harrison, there can surely be other
: : great Indy films so why stop and Indy4, 5, or 6? Keep on making them
: : exciting and we'll keep on coming to the theatre.

: : Regards,
: : Stephen

: I agree, you could use another actor for an Indy film. But there's just one question: Who, in this world, could fill Indiana Jones' shoes and still do justice to him like Harrison Ford? If you suggest Leonardo DeCaprio for the role, I'll call upon what's left of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword to hunt you down and kill you.
: Besides, we already have his parts in the Indy movies. Just check on the two posts about Leonardo DeCaprio on this page.

: Indy

No one comes to mind off the top of my head, but it doesn't really need
to be a well known actor and could even be an unknown actor. Let's
face it, Harrison Ford wasn't a household name until after he played
Han Solo in Star Wars. Perhaps there is another unknown working
carpenter in Hollywood who could fill Ford's fedora quite nicely (and
NO Leonardo DeCaprio please).


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