We have them at my local hobby shop.

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Posted by The Northlander from on June 07, 1998 at 23:54:33:

In Reply to: Re: A New Quest! posted by Brisco on June 07, 1998 at 11:59:06:

: : : When we were discussing the Indy RPG's earlier there were some questions about Indy Jones metal miniatures. Actually there are two sets which were at one time available: a boxed set from TSR which contained Indy, Marion, Short Round, Sallah, Willie Scott Dietrich, Chatter Lal, a Thuggee, Toht, Belloq, Mola Ram, and a Mine Guard. The quality wasn't great, but they were worth getting. Production date on these is 1984.
: : : West End Games brought out two small sets of miniatures in 1994, the first of which consisted of Indy, a student, and a reporter(?). The second set contained Sallah, a generic professor, and a "spy". I have no idea what they were thinking when they made these. The quality is higher than that of the TSR miniatures but their choice of characters seems odd. I figure I'm one of only a few folks who actually got these items, and even I had to special order mine because my local gaming shop had no intention of carrying them.

: Thanks for answering my question!

: : Oh man! Now I've got more obscure Indy RPG materials to hunt for. Thanks for the info. Good thing I have way too much free time...

: Me too! Do you know if it's still possible to order the West End ones from a game store?

: : West End's choices for miniatures may be disappointing from the point of view of a fan of the movies but since you create your own adventuring character in the game having just the movie characters would be pretty useless.

: Yes, those characters mentioned are character types available to play in the basic game book: reporter, spy, professor, etc.

: Brisco

I've seen them at the hobby shop here where I live - one set with Indy, and I think Marcus, Sallah... then there's another set with some generic RPG characters. I suppose I could get them for someone here if they e-mail me about it. northy74@geocities.com


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