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Posted by Aaron from on June 08, 1998 at 20:10:52:

I'm back. When was I gone, you ask? Computer crashed. :( Oh well. And, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Now that I'm back:

About this Forum Novel--I will contribute, and on a regular basis. It was tough on me not being able to do so with the computer down. Trust me: I have not yet begun to write!

Also, I have taken my first step into a much larger world...oh, sorry. Wrong franchise [you know, Star Wars]. I have purchased the West End Games TOD Sourcebook. This thing is cool. The place I got it from has plenty more Indy supplements...I'll be getting them all within two weeks--really! By the way, "Glen", a once prominent, now nonexistent member of the Indyfan Forum society, made a demo version of a computer Basic Indy RPG game. You could only do one thing, but it seemed to work. This is worth looking into--you can still find it on the 'net.

I mentioned in the above paragraph "the place I got" the TOD Sourcebook. It was a Media Play. These places are great, I'm telling you. Not only do they have the Indy trilogy boxed sets and Indy RPG supplements, they have the books, and the soundtracks. Not too long ago I bought the expanded Raiders soundtrack and the OUT OF PRINT Last Crusade one--they still had it. Looks like you guys that missed out are in luck after all. In summary: go to Media Play!

A while back I promised you I'd make an Indy figure with existing odds and ends. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP. It's just basically been trial-and-error with the jacket and fedora. I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED!

That's all...for now. There must be more, I just can't think of it right now, but in the mean time...that felt good!


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