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Posted by Indy Anna Jones- the REAL VERY pi$$ed one! on December 09, 1997 at 18:49:11:

In Reply to: I have a new fave movie posted by Indy Anna on December 09, 1997 at 13:56:37:

: Radioland Murders
: I thought this was one of George's most brilliant movies. I like it more than Indy Jones right now. I wonder if George will consider making a sequel or prequel to it?

: Indy Anna

OK, first, were has this person been for the last century? I post in
color. I put my name in type writer form, I have a pic at the bottom.
I stop writing at the end of the post box instead of making one big line.
My name is Indy Anna Jones, not Indy Anna. Personally, I think
this person should be dragged out into the street and shot.
Hell, I'll do the shooting. Impersinate me again and I'll kick your
@$$, who ever you are. Like something more than Indiana Jones? Uh-
huh. Well, maybe Star Wars but its a close call...
NEways, what in the world is Rodioland Murderers?
Now, onto Indiana Jerico:
Yeah, the Indy novels are a lot better than the R L Stine books! LOL!
A LOT! NEways, Harrison Ford being in the movies is their big plus!
LOL! Big big plus! While I'm waiting for Secret of the Spinx, I
think I'll read Specter of the Past- my new Star Wars book that just
came out a couple weeks ago. Its REALLY good! Oh yeah, how about
role playing games & Majic: the Gathering? I really suck at Majic but
oh well ~:0).

***Indy Anna Jones*** the real one

Oooo... you'll be sorry! Tonight is the night I slipped through
your fingers, Dr. Jones! I could have been your greatest

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