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Posted by Michaelson from on June 10, 1998 at 10:26:15:

In Reply to: Indy 4 posted by Indiana Jones on June 08, 1998 at 14:02:15:

: : : : : : Without the Grail, the Knight would die. The Cup was what gave the Knight eternal life, not the water. We all saw the Cup fall into the crevasse and the temple crumbling, I doubt he could have retrieved it in his condition. Without it he would begin to age normally and eventually pass away. Besides, he was ready to go anyway, it was probably a releif to him to finally rest. I think that's what the whole business between the Knight and Jones Senior meant at the end, the quest was finally over.

: : : : : I got the impression as well that the person who drank from the Grail would be immortal only so long as they themselves didn't leave the temple past the seal. That's why drinking from it has no effect on Indy's lifespan. As for the knight, I think he may also have lived - because he was still in the temple, and he was the only one who could guard the Grail, again! The Grail was in the pit, but who knows if it would stay there? Maybe Elsa climbed back up with it for all we know! :) The Grail had served its purpose in the story, so it really doesn't matter what became of it or the knight.

: : : : : -Northy-

: : :
: : : : Wait. If the Grail's power was limited to the temple and a person had to stay inside the cave with the Grail behind the seal, how come Henry Jones Sr. still lived. Donavan did shoot him and the Grail did heal him, so, if all of you are right, technically, Henry Jones Sr. should be dead.

: : : : Indy

: : : He was healed inside the temple. Once healed, he wasn't about to go back to being unhealed. The Grail's power to heal wounds isn't something that needs to keep working, it's instant. The power to grant immortality lasts over a long period of time (eternity!) so it is canceled if the person leaves the temple.

: : : -Northy-

: : They did indeed say that the brothers died of extreme old age, but die they did. I believe it probably helped everyones longevity, but all bets were off after crossing the seal, or at least that's what I left thinking when I walked out of the theater. Indy was healed too, if you noticed that the marks had disappeared from his face from the tank fight after drinking from the cup. About the only thing they truly left with was "illumination", as Henry Sr. stated. Regards. Michaelson

: This has nothing to do with the current post. I've been looking for you, Northlander, if Michealson is interested, then it applied to him too. I've been able to get three people, along with me, to help write an Indy 4 script. Northlander, you said it would make a great Indy fan-fiction story if it worked out, but I never got a response on whether or not you wanted to help. If you are interested, e-mail me at:


: Indy 4 just might, MIGHT, happen if we get enough people. Thanks.

: Indy

I appreciate the indirect invitation to participate in the "Indy IV" work, but I personally don't have the time to invest in project in order to do it any worth while good. I have been watching with interest the progress of the forum novel, but as stated elsewhere, you have too many folks involved as it is, and no one wanting any critiquing of the product as it progresses. To many minds and opionions can create problems. If you don't believe me, get involved in any kind of committe work and see how smoothly things go. I attempted to help Indy Anna Jones on her novel that she has on her homepage, but the chapters richocheted in so many different directions, it became a "find your fate" affair, and I withdrew. Hopefully your work will go in a forward manner. Thanks again for the invite. Regards. Michaelson

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