Chapter 13

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Posted by Aaron from on June 10, 1998 at 11:55:58:

Didn't believe me, did you? Well, to prove you wrong, here's Chapter 13 of the Indyfan Forum Novel--I still suggest "Indiana Jones and the Golden Death" as the title!



Indy felt sick. He felt angry. And most of all he felt that he was in way, way over his head. He looked around at the hotel room. From the broken window, he deduced that someone had smashed it from the outside, climbed in, and kidnapped Clarence. And he was willing to bet it was members of the Dark Destroyers who did it.

"Well, what do we do?" asked Drake. Drake had started to regain some of his usuall eagerness.

"We sit down," Indy said, stress apparent in his voice, "we look at our options, and we THINK THINGS THROUGH. I'm getting tired of rushing into things only to come face to face with another obstacle." He pulled over a table and two chairs, some of the few pieces of furniture in the room.

"But..." Drake began.

"Sit!" Indy demanded. Drake grudgingly obeyed. "Now," Indy continued, sitting down as well, "this all started when your father was tortured and killed. We believe this happened because he and a colleague had come close to finding a golden Brazilian relic known as the Dragon of the Sun. Before the death, your father's colleague sent a message to him, revealing that they were extremely close to finding the Dragon of the Sun." Drake was swallowing hard--he was having trouble reliving the events surrounding his father's death. "Stay with me here, Drake," Indy said in a softer tone. "This message was disguised as a love letter, and hidden by your father behind a book on Brazilian archaeology. You found your father, and ended up coming to me for help. We went to my home and yours, and then hitchiked to New Mexico, were we enlisted the aid Clarence, who would fly us here. He was brainwashed prior to our hiring him, because he turned on us at the landing field when we got here. We snapped him out of it, and trekked here. We were attacked by two members of the "Dark Destroyers", whose goal it is to protect the Dragon of the Sun. Your father and his colleague were aware of this group, as it was included in the message. We overcame the two attackers, which I would guess were initiates to the group, and obtained what we believed to be a map to the holding place of the Dragon of the Sun. We left Clarence here, and trekked to that holding place. It was, in actuallity, a trap. The "Dragon of the Sun" there was really a fake, an imposter. We just made it out of the temple-cave with our lives, when a group of Dark Destroyers surrounded us. The cave above us on the mountain collapsed, we fled, and the Dark Destroyers were presumably crushed in the rubble. We came back, only to find Clarence had been kidnapped."

"You make it sound like it was easy," Clarence joked.

"Ha. Let's take a look at that message again," Indy said, withdrawing it from his satchel. "Now, it says...oh, jeez."

"What?" asked Drake.

"I think we forgot something," Indy said, showing Drake the envelope that contained the message.

The postmark read "London, England".

"Oh man..." Drake moaned. "And I thought we were so close to the end..."

"Nope," muttered Indy. "Not even close." He got up and walked over to the broken window. As he stared out at the small courtyard in front of their hotel, he noticed something. Most of the shards of glass were down there, not inside. That suggested the window was broken from the inside. Their room hadn't been busted into, it had been busted out of...

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