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Posted by INDIANA GJR from on June 10, 1998 at 13:47:36:

I was just wondering if any one has a Last crusade version of the wested leather jacket. I know you can order one and am pretty sure some one a ways back did. If any one did or if any one has a little info on it please let me know. And yes, I have frequently visited the jacket facts page.
The raiders jacket wich i currently own seems to be holding up well, although i have had little cuts in the leather which does make it look better.
Another question i have is on weathering the the jacket. In LC, the jacket seemed to be extreamly weatherd around its seems and stitching. How do you think they did that in order to make the jacket look like it did? My theory is that they had some one file the fringes with a very fine sand paper type. I know that wested has a machine which they put the jacket in to weather it, but the jacket seems to look more detailed then just to have been tossed in a machine for about five minuites with fine pebbles. Just curious to know every ones opinion. Later,

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