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Posted by Ultraman Tiga from on June 12, 1998 at 03:51:33:

Saw your posts down the scrolls, thought I'd respond with a new thread since it was WAY down there, and I don't come here so often anymore.

Just wanted to say that I am in complete agreement with you about that LONDON 1916 book end. It was a horrible way to end what was otherwise the finest hour I'd ever seen on TV - that episode still ranks as one of the best.

I didn't mind George Hall at all. I could believe he was an aged Harry Ford - he was definately cranky enough! I wouldn't say that most people disbelieved him. Less than half actually. Most people just didn't LIKE him - big difference! For the most part, most of the people swallowed the stories he had been spinning.

I think it would have been cool if they had an episode where he's about to launch into one of the movie stories, only to have someone like his granchildren or daughter say, "Not THAT story AGAIN!"

It would also have been great to do a comical episode in which the story IS made up. One of my fanfic stories (which I have yet to put an ending on, much less post) was called "Alpha-Base, Venus - September, 18186" and featured Capt. Indy Jones and and his robot co-pilot Lt. Remy! It was an old fashioned 'Flash Gordon' type story where the futuristic version of Jones has to save the planet from plant-like aliens and stop thier armada from invading. In the end, it would turn out to be a story Old Indy was making up for his granddaughter, a sci-fi buff bored with the books her mom had bought her!

My favorite George Hall sequences were the ones where he accosted the kid in the donut shop and got arrested! It was great the way they followed it up by showing him telling the other half of the story to his cell mates! That was great writing!

The other really good one was the monster truck/edison engine episode. That the other old guy let him drive the monster truck was definately a Harry Ford-attitude type of scene!

In one of your other posts, you were talking about SPF over Pheonix. I don't really care for Pheonix in that scene - he's not innocent enough. He really is merely mimicking Harry Ford and not really acting by playing the character as the character would be behaving at that age. Granted, his mom had recently died, which CAN account for it - but overall SPF put more heart, soul, and definately believability into the role! (Of course, both actors were also taking orders from higher sources...)

As for the series on video - the updated CREATIVE IMPULSE book confirms that ALL of the bookends have been removed, with the exception of the H Ford appearance. The series has apparently been renamed to The Adventures of Indiana Jones As A Young Man - but I don't know if that will appear as a title on the product since each product will be a two hour movie with it's own title. BTW the bookend with SPF and Lloyd Owen from "Travels With Father" was expanded into one of the movies, so that dramatically powerful footage will remain intact. Thank god - because that scene is so instrumental in setting up IJATLC.

Oh well, take care!


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