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Posted by Mola Ram from on June 18, 1998 at 09:05:41:

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones Disney Attractions posted by Ultraman Tiga on June 18, 1998 at 03:10:45:

Yeah, I checked out that Indy and the forbidden eye ride last september.
That guy was right..waiting in line wasn't too bad.coz they have all these nice set a mini spike room,
and some props and stuff. The footage of Sallah is a bit of a is the very un-harrison ford like Actor
they got to play the part of Indy. Sallah keeps going on about his fantastic invention..'THE SEAT BELT!' I tried
to take a few pictures but they didn't come out.
Anyway..the ride itself is pretty fabulous...I managed to go on it about 7 times in all. And it's probably one of
the best rides there least at Disneyland. THe best part was the way they got all the good music from the movies and did
a kind of mega-mix throughout the ride. There's loads of holographic scorpions on walls...gigantic snakes..and a part where
you reckon you're going straight into the boulder from raiders.
Also Indy pops up from time to time..or a pretty poor model of him..jiving crap like 'you were were very very good.'
AND the big bonus is he says DIFFERENT STUFF EVERY TIME!! WOW! is good, but I wouldn't go out of your way to see it..unless
you're in Anaheim anyway. The outpost I thought was pretty cool..except for the outrageous prices they charged. $350 for a pathetic imitation
Indy Jacket when you can buy the original for 120????? What a joke. Saying that I was dumb enough to spend about $120 there in total..I finally
ended my search for the Fedora at that very I bought some cheap 'n' nasty Indy watch. But it's a good laugh...I wouldn't wholeheartedly agree
on it having the real McCoy 'Indy' feel to it. But I didn't much think that about Last Crusade either. Anyway..go check it out...even if it's just to have
a laugh at the attendents dressed up in the Indy Outfit!

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