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Posted by Mike Dukes from on June 19, 1998 at 21:59:39:

In Reply to: Re: Still More on the Indiana Jones RPGs! posted by Yoda Boy on June 06, 1998 at 15:31:49:

: : I haven't played it with the new rules yet, but I agree with Walker that the last ones (the MasterBook ones) were a vast improvement over the old TSR game. TSR's was a very bad system with all the flaws Walker pointed out, but the supplements were attractive and worth collecting. Were there ever miniatures for that game? I've heard that there were, but I've never been able to find any. The basic game book for the current West End game is must reading for any Indy fan, whether you're a gamer or not. It has profiles of various important characters, a complete timeline of Indy's life (including movies, TV, books, and comics up to the point when the book was published), and a general timeline of the Indy period of history. It's really fascinating. The Raiders and (less so) the TOD source books are also very informative, exploring every aspect of those films in depth the way the Star Wars sourcebooks do. I HIGHLY recommend getting the basic book (around $15, paperback) and the two sourcebooks ($25, hardcover). If you're enough of an Indy fan to visit this forum, you'll love these books. Does anyone know if there's a Last Crusade source book in the works? I would assume there is, since it took a while between the first two. There are still suplements published every so often. They cover new, original adventures as well as plots from the Rob MacGregor and Martin Caiden novels. Walker's right, though; they're very pricey. :( Still, I recommend the game, whether you want to play it or just read the stuff.
: : Brisco

: I haven't heard anything yet about a Last Crusade sourcebook but hopefully WEG will put one together even though the Indy line seems to be dwindling due to lack of interest (go buy it and prove them wrong!). Hopefully once I start freelancing for WEG in the next couple of months I'll be able to get the inside information and pressure them to release more Indy material :-). I own the basic TSR Indy boxed set as well as the adventures based on Raiders and TOD. I have never heard of or seen any Indy miniatures but that doesn't mean there aren't any out there...

I'm assuming the Last Crusade sourcebook will be out at either Origins or GENCON. As for the miniatures, there was a boxed set for the TSR game.
I saw it at a gaming store near me once. I should have bought it. It was somewhat hidden though, so maybe I can still get it... :)


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