The Bantam Novels (A Question & Very minor spoilers)

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Posted by Swashbuckler from on June 21, 1998 at 09:27:34:

For those of you who have read the Indy novels by Bantam (MacGregor, Caidin and McCoy), which do you think are the best?

I ask this because I've read the first four (Peril at Delphi, Dance of the Giants, Seven Veils, and Genesis Deluge) and I don't really think any of these capture the feel of the movies. I liked Dance of the Giants the best (although the ending with Merlin really turned me off from the book), but I really, really disliked Seven Veils. Delphi was okay for a while, and Genesis Deluge was okay but very bland and boring.

So I'm starting to wonder: is it just Rob MacGregor whose books I don't really like, or are they all like that? I mean, I think they get a little too mystical at times and don't retain that sense of at least some kind of plausible explanation for the mysterious that there usually is in the movies. And then I see that one of the McCoy novels involves a living Triceratops! (This all takes place before Raiders, mind you, when Indy didn't believe in "all that superstitious hocus-pocus" ...).

To make a long story short: do they get better? And if so, which ones?


-- Swashbuckler

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