Re: Hats Direct now has the Bushman available and in stock in the American version, without the vent holes in the sides.

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Posted by Dienekes from on January 28, 2000 at 17:40:55:

In Reply to: Hats Direct now has the Bushman available and in stock in the American version, without the vent holes in the sides. posted by Steve on January 28, 2000 at 16:06:33:

: If you wanted a Bushman from hats direct in the nigerian brown but was not wanting the vent holes- good news is now they have this hat in stock without the vent holes. Just wish mine was this way. I highly recommend this hat because it has the taller crown, is high quality, and is cheap. Mine ended up costing me 68.00, and that included postage! To top off that, it is fur felt!. I like mine so much, that I just ordered me another one, and this time I will get the American version. And then there is that new Miller open crown hat that promises to be an excellent canidate for us fedora lovers. I plan on ordering one of those as well as soon as I hear back on the crown height from one of our members here. Patterson is really hooked on these Westeds, and my obsession is hats. My collection now consists of a Custom Hatter fedora, a Nostalgia, a Temple, an Akubra Bushman, a Stetson Mallory, and an Indiana 500 fedora made by Bee Hats. This one is fur felt, but really low quality, with a synthetic sweat band. The only good thing is it is a real high crown hat, at 5 3/4 inches. I think this cheap hat was made after Raiders. The bad thing about it is that this hat is a great imitation, much better than anything else that I have. It now looks like I will be adding a couple more to my collection. I will add that the only ones that I wear on a daily basis are the Custom Hatter hat, and the Akubra, but only because they are taller. (the Bee hat is worn out). With these 2 new additions I will be able to have 2 more to wear. Basically I am shooting for 7 wearable fedoras, so that I can change up each day. This will be extremely helpful here in the south where I have been known to soak a felt hat in sweat, and it not be completely dry for the nest day. Well you can tell I am bored, stuck here at home with a rare snowstorm having stopped travel. Regards, Steve

First I would like to thank you for the pictures of your Akubra and your Custom Hatter Fedora you sent me, they are great. I was wondering, is the color really that dark on the bushman? It almost looks black. Also, I thought I remembered that you posted that the bushman's crown is a tad short: It isn't that bad is it? I am stuck between the bushman and the Drover..hmmm. The search continues.

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