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Posted by Cap'n Paul from on June 23, 1998 at 03:32:37:

In Reply to: Forget the Nazis, let's have Indy battle Communist China!! posted by RikDuel on June 22, 1998 at 21:54:50:

: Night before last, I went to see the new Scorcese film, Kundun, which tells the life story of Tibet's Dalai Lama. Now I don't recommend this as an Indy-type adventure flick (although it is a beautiful film), but one thing that did strike me was how perfect the Chinese Army, who were depicted as the villains in Kundun, would be as the antagonists in an Indiana Jones movie. I thought the same thing after seeing Seven Years in Tibet (which was not as good as Kundun, but anyway). Their attitudes towards religion and religious artifacts, would automatically place them at odds with Indy.

: It would be interesting I think. While the Nazis were usually racing Indy in order to gain the artifact for themselves, you'd instead have Indy fighting the Chinese to prevent them from destroying important artifacts in the name of Communism. And, setting the film in China could be a good excuse to re-introduce Short Round, perhaps as an adult and not only as cute comic relief this time.

: China is full of antiquities spanning not hundreds but thousands of years. One of the more intriguing discoveries of late has been the discovery of an ancient emperor's tomb in Xian, outside of Beijing. Hundreds of life-like warriors made from terra-cotta, standing at attention in long ranks and columns (and no two exactly like in physical features!) were found buried upright with their emperor. The country is just full of things like this and countless others waiting to be discovered. One could write a lot of books with Indy. If the setting is the '30s, you could use the invading Japanese as the nemesis. After WWII you could switch them out with Mao's communist forces. Plenty of tales to tell if one does the right research. -CP

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