Chapter 14

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Posted by Toht from on June 23, 1998 at 07:55:58:

Indy grew angry. Clarence was gone, and he was their only way out of Brazil.
"The Dark Destroyers busted out of here when they got Clarence," said Indy. "That means they were in here and busted out with him while we were at the temple. Why would they bust out? Last I remember Clarence was going to take a nap. Probably means they didn't have a struggle, so why the break out? We should have taken him with us when we went to the temple, kid."
"Indy," said Drake, "speaking of the temple, we say that temple was fake, but I want to believe that it was real. What if it was?? Maybe it wasn't just a setup?? I think it was the real thing."
"I still believe it was fake," Indy said. "The men and the ambush proves that."
"Nope. The guys we let loose must of squealed and then came back for Clarence. The dragon may have been real, but just not the Dark Destroyer's main objective. Just an artifact to keep us busy."
Indy thought. It just might have been that way. But it didn't matter now. He had to save Clarence from being brainwashed, but maybe he was too late.

Clarence screamed as a needle pierced his skin. The pain was intense, like two thousand wasps stinging him simultaneously.
"You will kill Indiana Jones," chanted a man, droning on and on. Clarence felt himself getting sleepier. Everything was blacking out, fading away. Then, blackness. Three men in flowing black-hooded robes and beautiful crimson belts hurried over,forming a line. The man in the middle of the three seemed to be the most powerful, from his grand guestures. He spoke.
"Is the target asleep?" he said slowly, like he already knew the answer to the question.
"Yes," said the man who had repeated the words 'you will kill Indiana Jones.'
"Good," replied the man. "The elimination of the one threat to our mission has begun."

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