Aldens can tend to fade over time...

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Posted by Patterson from on January 30, 2000 at 16:46:35:

In Reply to: Re: Comment on alden colour etc. posted by Indiana Jules on January 29, 2000 at 23:32:48:

: : There's been a lot of bickering and complaining over the colour
: : of aldens and what they were "like" in the films etc latley.
: : Id just like to say that when i was at mba last year i saw a pair of
: : original aldens from Raiders.They were NOT red or brown(as they appear
: : at the beginging of the film).They were a khaki/very light brown
: : colour and boy were they worn.Im preety sure that sandpaper had been
: : used on them as the leather had that suede feel to it that you get when leather is sanded.Personally i think that they looked most like the scene when indy climbs upon the mound and stamps his shovel
: : into the ground.Then again colour varies from tv to tv and video
: : to video.For example i could not belive the colour difference of the
: : pants and shirt when i saw raiders in the cinema than on my video.
: : They were much closer to the MBA versions.One could never get an exact
: : replica of the boots as it is obvious that there was many colour variations of the boots (and the other gear)in each film.
: : Just my two cents!,
: : Cheers,
: : Kenneth.

: ...I tell people but no one beleives me...

For the record - it's not that I don't believe what you say you're seeing on screen. I just think it is crazy to take sandpaper or chemicals to a pair of $200 shoes. Alden has only ever made one color of 405's - PERIOD. I say this to people who want to take sandpaper to their Wested - WEAR THE DAMN THING AND IT WILL LOOK LIKE ITS BEEN WORN! Sorry for shouting, but I hate to see somebody destroy items like these.

Actually, I talked to the people at Alden on Friday. I had just received my second pair. The first had a harder finish to them - more of a patent finish, while the second was softer and more permeable. The new ones really soak up the Pecard dressing. Anyway, the very helpful person at Alden’s explained that the leather on the new shoes will tend to get very light over time unless well treated. The feel would be consistent with the suede description, above, as well. The harder, shiny finish tends to be more impervious to mistreatment.

So, if you want ones like Kenneth saw at MBA, then make sure you ask for the newer offering from Alden. But please, just wear them until you get the look you want. It'll come soon enough.



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