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Posted by Phoenix. from on June 24, 1998 at 17:56:55:

In Reply to: Re: ***INDY IV OPIONS posted by Greg on June 24, 1998 at 05:24:24:

: : I was just wondering how everyone felt about the rumors(or truth) about Indy IV. I think they shoudn't make another one.Yes I said SHOULDN'T!!! I think the trilogy is good rigt now. If they make make another one, they could screw up all three movies. But if they do decided to make another one, they should make three new ones.
: : I don't know if any of you have heard this, but if they make a new one, Indy might have a family. Now I think that's a bad idea, because it's not like his character, to settle down. I also herad they might put Kevin Costnar in it. BAD IDEA!!! That would also ruin the whole movie.They should stick with original people in it!
: : Well that's just my opion, that's all. I know most of you will disagree. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts about this, so I'll check back later. Bye! (And I really hope they DON'T make another one)

: : ~Meg~

: I don't necessarily think it would be out of character for him to have a family-remember, this will be considerably in the future (to account for his age), and we've seen in the Last Crusade how he becomes a little softer-hearted about his relationship with his father. Who knows? A return to his childhood romance with Marion Ravenwood
: might be a natural progression for him. I think that the idea of possibly screwing up the trilogy with a film that might not stack up is the exact reason why we haven't seen one yet and why they haven't found a script that they like. I think that we should trust that Spielberg, Lucas, and most of all Ford won't want to screw up the films,
: the character, or the story. My two cents. I'd like to see another very much.

: Greg

I think the only thing that will add to the screw up of a movie is putting
Sara Michelle Gellar in it as his daughter. I will not give any of my reasons.
Not of them are personal, I will promise you that. Just reasons that I am not ready
to argue over.

Thank you.


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