The Death of Kent Brockman

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Posted by ...Cornuts.... from on December 11, 1997 at 02:00:05:

Eye On Springfield:

Good evening, I'm Kent Brockman and here's today's news. Micah, who for so long provided Indiana Jones fans a thrilling forum for bickering, arguing, shouting, and most of all - trading sex pics involving fish (that's for you Troy!) - has suddenly, abrasively...SUCKED THE BIG ONE - OH JEEZ HE BLEW IT FOR US! OR OH JEEZ SHE BLEW IT FOR US - whichever.
Anyway, the whole thing about the news server ID just plain sucks! I for one enjoyed the fake posts. Who's to say they aren't entertaining? Who's to say they aren't authentic?
I for one would gladly sit in a theater sometime in the next couple of years and DIE with excitement to find one of these posts may have been correct. And if they are not - then good! It proves there is still a chance to enjoy a movie without having this friggin INTERNET thing ruining every moment!!! You don't know how disappointed I felt when I saw TOD knowing how Indy and mates survived the plane crash - and I vowed to never let that happen again. As it is, I stay away from all sights pertaining to GODZILLA 98 and those damn STAR WARS prequels. The idiotic novels from Lucasfilm are rapidly diminishing my interest there anyway - better be a great freakin' movie!

Anyway, I hate the fact that Micah censors the board (remember that classic fight between Ultra-7 (now Tiga) and Belloq? God what a great thread that was. Who won that anyway? I didn't get to read the last few posts cuzz Micah erased them. It sure beat a zillion posts about stetson hats! And how about that Jeffrey Boam article? Was that not one of the coolest fan-fic ideas (or was it) that ever turned up? I for one wouldn't mind seeing in a story some of the stuff he was talking about (i.e. the Dusenberg incident).

My point is - we NEED all this fake posting and misinfo and shouting matches that feature the word f-ck in order to save ourselves from ruining any element of suprise; because it disrupts the boredom that also generates here; because I don't want to know that Belloq was really Adam (or Aaron) posting with a different name. We need it so that I can brazenly tag my name to the crap I make up when I want to anyway and don't care - cuzz no one knows who I am!!

I don't WANT you to know who I am.
I don't WANT to know who you are.
I don't care about any of you and have no trouble saying it - cuzz you don't know me!

So, I'll go on lurking and never posting, or maybe not.
I just don't care about the board anymore. The fun of it was shut out.

Signing off and retiring to Tijuana - Kent.

PS - I didn't even know there was a censor alert till I tried to post this! I HAVE to edit myself just to make a statement?!?!?!?
What Naziism!!!!
Ironically on an Indy board of all places!!!!
Just not american - just not Indy. Outta' here for good. Bye!

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