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Posted by Michaelson from on June 26, 1998 at 14:31:37:

In Reply to: Re: Raiders of the Lost Ark Game posted by Adam on June 26, 1998 at 11:16:57:

: : : My son is an Indy fan. For his last birthday, he received a Kenner board game of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was by Lucas Film Ltd, 1981. Model number 40590. Box is in mint condition and the game is unused. Cards and playing pieces are still sealed. The cover model for Indiana Jones does not seem to be Harrison Ford. We have been told it might be Tom Selleck, who we understand was first cast for this part. Could anyone clarify this descrepancy for us, and perhaps give us an idea of its value, if any. Thank you very much. James
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: : Is your board by Kenner, or is it Parker Bros.? I have a Raiders board game, still in the shrink wrap, that matches your description, and you're right, the front artwork is a bit "cheezy" as to being Harrison Ford, but I personally think it resembles him closer than Tom Selleck. If your game is indeed Kenner, then it's one I'm not aware of. There was a Temple of Doom board produced too, just for your information, but it was by another manufacturer all together. Regards. Michaelson

: Actually, there are TWO games produced. The one you're referring to has the "cheezy" cover display. Who is it designed to look like -- Ford or Selleck? Well, neither. That art was a preproduction illustration (I think by Ed Verreuax, not sure), so obviously it bears no resemblance to any particular actor. Also, notice how the cards -- the Ark, Staff of Ra, Map Room -- bare little resemblance to the way they appeared in the movie. That was becaus ethe game was manufactured before stills were available.

: The second game was produced by Kenner, which featured paintings resembling Ford, Allen, and various clips of the movie.
: If you're looking to sell either game, it's best to wait. While they might be about two or three times more expensive than they were originally, they'd probably not garner a king's ransom. Wait another 20 years, and you'd have something.

: Cheers,

: Adam

Still not sure what your referring to, Adam. The board game that has scenes from the movie, and was an attempt to copy most of the poster art from the original 1981 Raiders movie release (one of which is framed and hanging in my living room) is made by Parker Brothers. This is the game I personally own, purchased in 1981, still in the shrink wrap. One of these are currently being offered on the "Ebot" auction web page, at a current bid price of $20.00. I have never seen a Kenner version, nor one with the cover as you describe above. Are there possibily 3 different games out there? The Parker Bros. version has the truck from the chase scene, as seen on the poster, with Indy "transfering" from his horse, the flying wing explosion in the background , and the "pensive" Indy with whip on shoulder holding a prominent spot in the mid to right side of the box. Though not a perfect drawing, it is indeed just the first poster spread around to fit a rectangular box cover. Let me know more about the Kenner version. I want to start looking for it. Regards. Michaelson

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