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Posted by Michaelson from on December 11, 1997 at 11:23:17:

In Reply to: Re: Hey look, you can see my IP from here posted by The Northlander on December 10, 1997 at 16:10:48:

: : : In an effort to provide some authentication to posts, your host name will be printed next to your name. Beware of anything posted from This is a site that guarantees anonymity to the poster and has been the source of many fake posts.

: : : BTW, yes I work at NASA. I may also post from an host. All others are imposters.

: : : Thank you,
: : : Micah

: : Excellent idea. I'm willing to go first and let mine be posted after yours. Nasa-Marshall? If so, I'm literally just up the road from you. Regards.

: I was hoping you'd do something like this Micah! Check out my real IP for what it's worth. You might also want to be somewhat wary of aol IP's, too! They don't always belong to the faker(s), obviously, but that's where the guy called "Nightmarish" used to post from quite often back on the AICN forum. Their IP's always change as they get assigned each time, so he couldn't really be banned from the site.

: Anyway, good work Micah. Everyone check the IP's and use common sense before you reply to a silly-sounding post!

: -Northy-
Northy, I personally appreciate your sharing this, since this is the only forum I even read, so am not familiar with all the "-isms" of the posting practices. I admit at times to doing my share of rambling, but in defense, I'm getting older and find myself doing this more and more. But I'll have to admit, some of the trash rambling I've read recently here has surprised me, and your right, don't even rate any sort of response at all. I'm sure there must be some forum out there that CRAVES this kind junk. I guess we just now have to pick and choose what we respond, or even read, from now on. I think the last step in this process is assignment of a password for access (heaven forbid this has to happen), but my kids have told me of forums that have had to go this far in order to keep the conversation straight. Thanks again for this info. Regards.

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