Chapter 17

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Posted by walker from on June 29, 1998 at 06:35:28:

Chapter 17 - there's actually more to this, but I ran out of time. I'll add it at lunch.

Indy sighed and shook his head in desgust.

"C'mon Indy, run!" Drake yelled, pulling on Indy's jacket.

Indy seemed frozen. The Destroyer's car screamed down the street, like a bullet down the barrel of a gun.

"Indy! What are you doing?" Drake made to run back towards the post office when Indy's hand lashed out and locked onto Drake's bicep.

"Wait," he growled.

"Are you nuts!" Drake screamed.

He no nuts - he's crazy! Indy thought to himself and smiled. Shorty always did have a way with words.

The black sedan closed within thirty yards. Twenty. Ten.

"Now!" Indy yelled.

"Wha - " Drake was janked off his feet as Indy pulled him through a gap in the oncoming traffic. The driver of the sedan swerved in suprise and narrowly missed crashing into the cars heading towards him.

Just pulling away from the far curb was a double-decker bus. Indy dragged Drake on board as it started to merge into traffic. He threw 20 pence to the conductor. "Keep the change!" he hollared.

"Indy, what are - "

"Up, up!" Indy ordered, pulling Drake up the stairs to the open-air second story of the bus.

Grabbing a seat near the back, he scanned the street behind them. The black sedan, having whipped around in a U-Turn, was once again gaining.

"Damn!" Indy spun Drake around and pushed him towards the front of the bus. "Tell the conductor to head for a police station! Tell him if he stops, we're all dead!"

"But - "


Drake made his way towards the front stairwell.

The sedan pulled even with the slower moving bus. Indy watched in amazement as the nearest rear door opened and two Destroyers in business suits edged out and jumped onto the steps.


"What!" Drake spun around and threw up his hands in exasperation.

"Don't go down those steps!"

"Well just what do you suggest I do, Panama Jack!"

As Drake watched, Indy rushed towards him, grabbing a parasol from one of the frightened passengers.

That was the wrong thing to say, Drake thought, putting his hands up apologetically.

"Hey Indy, listen, ha ha...I was kidding - OH MAN!" Indy threw the parasol towards Drake's head as hard as he could. It flipped end over end like a logger's axe, striking the gun-wielding assassin, running up the steps behind Drake in the face. The parasol bloomed open on impact.

"Gack!" was the best response the Destroyer could offer, as he fell backwards over the front guardrail. One thump later, the bus rocked up on two wheels, as if it had just run over a sack of potatos. The passengers screamed, and Indy shook his fist and yelling "Next time,
pay your fare!"

Drake, in a daze, slowly pointed over Indy's left shoulder as the bus slowed to a halt. Indy looked back. A second Destroyer had come up the back steps with more sure to follow. He was aiming his revolver through the panicked crowd.

"Time to go," Indy said, glancing to his right. Coming the opposite direction was another double-decker bus, its driver unaware of the accident which had just occured. Indy grabbed Drake by the collar and ran towards one of the outer seats.

"What are you doing - no - OH NO!!"

Indy launched himself from the vehicle, pulling Drake with him. they hung in the air for a split second and then landed with a crash on the second level of the oncoming bus. Passengers scattered like tenpins as Indy and Drake hit the deck.

"Sorry, sorry," Indy muttered as he got to his feet. "C'mon." He hauled Drake to his feet, ran down the steps and leapt from the bus into an alley. The two of them ran until they could no longer hear the sirens behind them, then ducked into a tiny pub to catch their breath and gain their bearings. Once inside, Drake grabbed Indy by the shoulders and slammed him up against the wall.

"Indy," he growled through clenched teeth, "I hate you..."

Indy cocked an eyebrow at this fierce declaration and burst out laughing.

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