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Posted by Dale Dassel from on June 29, 1998 at 21:12:13:

In Reply to: Re: Whip afterthought.. posted by Michaelson on June 29, 1998 at 15:56:25:

: :
: : : Anyone had any experience with whips? I mean, are they very difficult to use? Indy makes it look so easy!

: : : How much should one train with a whip, and how? In the Temple script, Indy tells Shorty and the Maharaja to practice with a piece of rope. I must say, it hasn't been very effective for me.

: : : Also, can a whip do the things that Indy uses it for, instead of just hearding cattle? :)

: : : Jeez, I sound like an eight year old asking all these questions. Oh well. Thanks in advance.

: : : ~Aaron

: : Hi Aaron, They are not that hard to use, but I would be lying if I said its as easy as it looks.

: : To answer your question on how much one should train with a whip, and how? Train as much as you can, you learn by practicing. Probably the best way you could learn is to have an experienced whip handle teach you, unfortunately for most that is not an option. The next way is to check out some of the many good whip cracking video tapes (even some of the books) on the market, These can show you the basics and help you sharpen your skills, but its up to you to practice. Then of course, the third is to bang it around until you get the hang of it.

: : As for practicing with a rope, Its probably better than nothing. Rope has very different characteristics than a braided leather whip. If your interested in learning the art, Your best bet would be to get yourself a bull whip. If you donít feel comfortable purchasing one of the more high priced whips, You can get a fairly decent American bull whip for between $50 to $100. While you canít expect as much from them, you can certainly learn from them. Then if you find that whip cracking if for you, you can go on from there.

: : It is amazing, the things you can do with a whip once you learn the basics, Target cutting, wraps and elaborate whip handling are just a few of the things possible. Including the things Indy uses it for in the movies, although I would not recommend swinging on it. A good start point for you, would probably be the Bullwhip FAQ, at

: : Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, let us know.

: : Dan

: One more point, a whip in the hands of someone who know what they're doing is an awesome thing, but the whip is never to be considered as a toy. It has been and always will be a formatible weapon, and can cause great harm is used carelessly. As you practice, never swing at anything you don't plan to hit, just like a gun. It can cut and cut deeply. Those of us who have learned the craft have the scars to prove it. Used correctly in a safe manner, you'll have a blast with them. Start slowly, and work up to the different throws. Have fun. Regards. Michaelson

Yes, what Michaelson says is true. But I guess I am fortunate-
I sport no scars or lash marks whatsoever from learning how to handle
a bullwhip. The most I ever received was a 5 inch red mark across my
back which disappeared after a week. TA-DA!!! (Not bragging, just
fortunate, I guess) But all joking aside, the bullwhip is a formidable
and quite lethal weapon (as said by Harrison Ford in: The Making of
Raiders of the Lost Ark) in the hands of a skilled user. Just be very
patient and careful and in time your skill will develop. And, remember,
"Use the Force..." Heh! Sorry- I couldn't resist!!!


P.S.- The better the whip (David Morgan!!!) the easier it will be
to learn to use. & more accurate, too.

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