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Posted by Ultraman Tiga from on July 01, 1998 at 04:45:01:

In Reply to: The Temple of Doom, why? posted by IJONES on June 29, 1998 at 16:14:36:

I just had to jump in on this one. Why? Because I'm a huge Indy fan with a collection with about 500 - 800 pieces in it, and yet THE TEMPLE OF DOOM is hands-down my favorite Indy film.

I can admit, at a certain technical level, RAIDERS is a better movie, but personally, I like the story of TEMPLE OF DOOM better. It is darker, and scarier, which were the two qualities that I liked about RAIDERS to begin with. It was just as adventurous, even if the stunts and special effects fall short (I shudder to remember this film besting GHOSTBUSTERS in the SPFX Award at the Oscars).

Anyway: there is a more direct reason why it is my favorite: The moral dilemna. The plot of htis film really put Indy to the test. In RAIDERS, Indy is well defined as not-so-good-a-lot-of-the-time kind of good-guy. So the fact that the entire plot of this movie relies on such a roguish character to relenquish the most unogdly of evils, that he happened to discover by chance (or WAS it fate?) really takes on a larger dimension that is unparalleled in RAIDERS and LAST CRUSADE.

Well, that's my opinion. On another note, I'm a fan of many fictional adventure characters, and rarely is that kind of shift in attitude, style, and formula prevailant. I think it would be great if more series did that.


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