I Pulled An Indy!

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Posted by Ultraman Tiga from ts007d13.las-nv.concentric.net on July 01, 1998 at 05:09:50:

Well sort of. As I like to explain it, "I saved a rare and priceless art treasure from the hands of vile scoundrels - just like Indy Jones would!" - except the real version of the story is quite a lot less glamorous and action packed.

Here's what happened.

I did absolutely nothing for the whole weekend - just literally lazing on my ass and in my shorts. As a last minute decision Sunday night, my freind Tone and I go to a midnight showing of 6 DAYS 7 NIGHTS. I loved it so much that when we came out, I took a closer look at that cool ass movie poster. Except this was a teaser poster. It was FREAKIN HUGE!!!! And it was held up by mere tacks! There were a few tears in it already, from where it had fallen, obviously too heavy to be held up properly by tacks. Anyway, it was about three in the morning by that point, and I looked at TONE and said, "That's mine!"

Heck, if a theater was going to take a poster like that and treat it like crap and thrash it, I might as well save it from their destruction! I love the poster as it was, but THIS one was about 4 X 6 dimensionally, and featured, none of the credits except for the two stars, the title graphics, and the tag line, "Escape June 12". So the way I figure it, especially being held up by takcs, the theater is done with that poster.

Part of the problem with the theater of that time of night is that it is so quiet. I was making way a lot of noise. I needed to roll it for sure, as it was so big I feared I would tear it or even trip on it if I just made straight for the door.

I got it half rolled and began leaving, more than brisquely (spell check), when someone said, "Excuse me, sir?" and trying not to sound angry and startling.

I turned and with all the calm I could muster (since I almost never steal things, and told him that I WAS authorized by the manager to take it.

He called the manager out to confirm it! To make this short, too late, I know; I told them that someone purporting to be the manager told me that I could just take it after I came out of tbe show! I gave them a description of some poor sap I had spotted earlier, and they knew who I was talking about. "He told me he was the manager!" I lied! I bemoaned and looked so disappointed that the manager that I was talking too, even if unconvinced, let me have the poster!

Ha, it was great!

Anyway, I got the poster laminated for $37.00 to protect it from further tearing, and will probably get a custom frame job for it before I hang it.

Another treasure saved. Thought I'd share.


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