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Posted by Stephen from on December 11, 1997 at 21:43:46:

In Reply to: Re: An ideal Indy IV would be Impossible! :) posted by RikDuel on December 11, 1997 at 19:04:46:

: I'm of the same opinion, Northy, about most of the things you've mentioned.

: Bring back Marion, and have her as an essential part of the plot.
: Henry Sr? Yes to a cameo, but that's all.

: It'd also be good to see a little about Marcus (maybe a funeral scene?).

: Sallah? Only if the adventure takes Indy to Egypt again.

: What could work, as a bridge between Temple of Doom and the rest of the films, is an appearance of the adult Short Round -- as an assistant on this trip out. Have him in a more serious capacity, like I'd imagine Wu Han would have been to Indy.

: As for the plot, I think perhaps we could move away from the items of immense supernatural power. A quest for an archeological find would still be the best Indy plotline, but perhaps the motivation for Indy's antagonists could be one of simple greed. They want the object for its cash value, while Indy wants it for the museum. Much like the intro segments from Raiders and Last Crusade -- a goal like the Peruvian Fertility Idol, or the Cross of Coronado. Perhaps a move to China, and a shift in the time period (the 50s) would be interesting. New villains? The Communists in China instead of the Third Reich? I recently watched the Brad Pitt film Seven Years in Tibet and was struck by the way in this movie would fit nicely in Indy's world. And the Communist Chinese work very well as villains.

: Yes a Chinese story could work very well. It could bring back Short Round, a group of villains more fitting to the timeline, and an interesting culture which the Indy films have only briefly touched upon.

: That's something that I'd like to see anyway.

: RikDuel.


I would hope Indy goes after yet another artifact with supernatural
powers. It's the "supernaturalness" of the quest that sets Indy
apart from the others and makes him the special character he is.
The magic of the Indy triology is, in part, because of the
"just-beyond-reality" circumstances through which we follow him. Keep
the magic, keep the supernatural, keep discussing our differences
and we'll all have a great time!

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