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Posted by Michaelson from on July 01, 1998 at 13:26:45:

In Reply to: Ahhh!! Gone 2 days and I missed the best posts!?!? Oh and question to all: WHAT DOES EVERYONE DO WITH THEIR INDY COLLECTION? DO YOU DISPLAY IT..OR STUFF IT ALL IN A DRAWER OR SOMETHING? posted by Mola Ram on July 01, 1998 at 09:07:21:

: OK...Sorry I just wanted to catch up...if anyone's interested....

: Temple is the that other guy said it's the first 10 minutes of Raiders all the way through.

: Pan and Scan sucks...I didn't run out and buy the laserdiscs for nothing! You lose 60 percent of the picture..and the whole dimension and 'feel' to the movies is different...way too claustrophobic.

: And Micaelson...the 6ft tall Standee if you please! Want my address? hehehe!! Have you ever seen another one?...I would kill for it.
: what was the other stuff you aquired in the last couple of days?

: Oh..and Yep..I have that Star Wars to Indiana Jones book. fantastic isn't it?
: By the way has anyone got the Japanese Collector's photo book for Temple Of Doom?
: It has the Indy logo in Japanese, with the classic posed photo of Indy on the bridge.
: Michaelson if you have it..can you tell me roughly how much you paid for it? Coz I bought mine about 3/4 years ago..and paid a ludicrous $25 for it. I was even crazier back then than I am now...I find I haven't got anywhere to put it or display it, it's all in boxes now!

Got my new book for $22.00 at On Cue. I just acquired a mint Belloq figure still in the box, an illustrated mint T of D script (comparable to the Raiders release of '82. Yes, I have two of them...) and a couple more items on the backburner as we speak. And yes, I have stuff boxed and on display both. I've only seen the one 6 foot figure, and it is of the artwork based on the original T of D movie poster with Indy standing in the cave holding the sword in one had at his side, and his whip in the other. I've never seen any others besides this one. The countertop version is identical. Regards. Michaelson

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