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Posted by Adam from on December 12, 1997 at 20:20:05:

In Reply to: An ideal Indy IV would be what ? posted by Matt on December 11, 1997 at 09:46:12:

An ideal INDIANA JONES IV film would:

1. Expand on the Jones character. Indy seems like a fairly stable guy, but there are so many mysteries lying beneath that taciturn, enigmatic character. The new film should explore more into his personality -- his dark side, perhaps. His relationships with others (notably women). What drives him. Why all the dangers he's been through -- however fantastic -- haven't completely messed with his head. Indy has a LOT of potential and range -- let's see more of it.

2. Feature a strong relationship with another character of interest. CRUSADE benefitted from a strong father/son teaming, giving an emotional core to the action around them. INDY IV needs this too...though not neccessarily with Henry, Sr. That relationship has just been done, and I think it would be best to see how Indy reacts to another person. A romantic interest, for example. Though DOOM featured Willie Scott, the relationship was just another addendum to the adventure. IV would need a strong heroine, with a lot of character and personality. I think Marion would be best for this, hands down. Yes, she was the best romantic partner Indy had. But it's also because they have a HISTORY together that Indy's character could be expanded on more.

3. The adventure needs to go in a different direction. Sequels are a double-edged sword: too much of the same seems trivial, while taking a risk might upset some afficionados. (SP?) CRUSADE, while fun, was essentially a redoing of the old RAIDERS formula. Therefore, we need something NEW and daring to want to see another story. Look at STAR TREK II -- it took a big risk, and paid off.

4. The new film needs to progress FORWARD, into new unexplored territory, rather than being overly nostolgic and rehashing more of the same. INDY films aren't like James Bond. We need to see the series evolve somehow, rather than repeating with bigger and louder chase scenes.

5. The new film needs to give some kind of closure to the series. This is going to be the last Indiana Jones film, and we need to feel some sense of finality to it. Will Indy settle down at last? After all, he can't go on running around the world forever. No matter how much we all want him to.

6. Though the new film should be fun, it also should be presented in a little more contemporary fashion -- a little more mature, a little wiser. The feel good 1980's are over, and this new film should be both entertaining and character-driven, and more complex.

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