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Posted by Hoosier from on December 12, 1997 at 22:48:20:

In Reply to: Re: The Death of Kent Brockman posted by Micah on December 11, 1997 at 09:50:20:

: Dear Springfield Newsanchor,

: : Anyway, the whole thing about the news server ID just plain sucks! I for one enjoyed the fake posts. Who's to say they aren't entertaining? Who's to say they aren't authentic?

: I would expect you to enjoy the fake posts, since you were the likely purveyor of at least one of them (The Jeff Boam, Selleck In! Ford Out! one).

: I have no problems with, "A friend of a friend told me..." rumors. Heck, the "Hi, I'm George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Lucasfilm PR Director,..." variety are even funny at times. But, when someone starts masquerading as other longstanding contributors to this board, the line has been crossed.

: Basically, nothing has changed. You can still post fake messages, nothing is stopping you. If your intent was to amuse, that has not been taken away. If your intent was to deceive, well, ...

: --Micah

Micah, if certain people don`t like the way you run your web-site, screw em! There are other sites they can play their immature games at.
They must not have much of a life if the only way they can get their jollies, are by
posting fake messages and using some elses I.D. Keep up the good work!!!!! Hoosier

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