Why haven't they thought of this earlier?

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Posted by ericao from d194.lsbg.fl.iag.net on July 02, 1998 at 18:58:21:

I know that some Indy fans don't appreciate the Indiana Jones novels, but I absolutely love them. Well, the Rob MacGregor ones anyway. I was just thinking, why can't they make a movie based on one of the books? There are definately some Indy novels worthy of being brought to the silver-screen. All these years there has been worries about finding a good script and whatever, while these excellent novels were right under their noses! Take, for instance, Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils. This is possibly the best of the series and it's also tres spiritual. Not only that, but you have an amazing plot and believable, immersive environments. I think that would make a great sequel. . .and I'm sure others would agree with me if they read it. Why can't Steven Spielberg just use those stories and try to make the coversion from books to movies as well as he possibly could, sacrificing little to no content. He did a pretty decent job with Jurassic Park, I suppose. I mean, the novel was much better but if he tried to make a script that was word-for-word what was in that book, well....we'd be sitting through a 4 hour movie. But my point is that he did a good job never-the-less and he should try and do the same with one of the Indy novels, dagnamit.


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