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Posted by Aaron from on July 04, 1998 at 17:36:35:

In Reply to: Re: Forum Poll: The end of Indy? posted by Aaron on July 04, 1998 at 17:34:49:

: : Assuming the fourth film is going to also be the last, would you prefer that the movie reflects this fact (i.e. Indy gets married, etc.) or would you rather have an open-ended film, where there is no real indication that Indy will not go on to have even more adventures afterward? I realize this may depend on the time period they decide to set the film in, but why not toss out your opinions on the matter, just for fun?

: : Personally, I'm a little split on the issue, but I think ultimately I'd love to have the story of Indy's adventures wrapped up somehow, a "happy ending" to his life. A limitless number of adventures could always be set beforehand - we know there are many years to play with in between movies, etc. Also, no matter how good a replacement they might find, nobody will ever be able to really become Indy the way Harrison has, so I don't particularly want to see the films continue without him.

: : What do you think?

: : -Northy-

: Personally, I'd go for a combination, an "open-ended happy ending".

: Indy would get married or something like that [probably married]. Then, one day, after he and his wife come home, laughing, from a night on the town, or something, his wife goes into the bedroom, Indy smiles, and begins to follow. Then the phone rings:

: Voice on the phone: "Dr. Jones? This is Steve Richter [random name] from Army Intelligence. There's just been a fantastic discovery in the middle of the Gobi Desert [random place]. I looked for possiblities for a research team to send out there, and you were the top man on the list."

: Indy: "Jeez, Mr. Ricker..."

: Richter: "Richter."

: Indy: "Whatever. Listen, I was just about to..."

: Richter: "Dr. Jones, Army Intelligence REALLY wants your help." [A black car pulls up outside Indy's house--he sees it through his window. There are two black-suited men inside. Indy sighs, hangs up, and reaches for his fedora...the credits roll.]

: Or something like that...

: But then again, a plain ol' happy ending wouldn't be so bad. It would be more in the style of those movie serials, anyway.

: Well, I geuss my vote would have to be: undecided. Man, I did a heckuva lot for this poll, didn't I? Oh well.

: ~Aaron

Also, I don't think I'd like the series to continue without Mr. just wouldn't be the same.


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