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Posted by The Northlander from dialup2-9.uplogon.com on July 04, 1998 at 18:11:13:

In Reply to: It's an interesting problem... posted by Aaron on July 04, 1998 at 17:19:45:

: : Remember the big problem we had with Temple of Doom for MacMAME? Well, I have it, and it works, but it works slowly, and the music is skipping. I remember someone talking about this problem, but I don't know if we ever found an answer. Do you (or anyone else) know what can be done to stop it?

: : -Northy-

: Ah, yes. I've been playing that game quite a bit lately...reliving the "old days" I geuss. What I wouldn't give to own that machine...

: On to the problem: increase your Frameskip to max [under the "Options" menu] should speed up the game for you--at Frameskip 3 it works perfectly for me. Also, turn on "Ignore Other Applications" and turn off "Emulate FM". These will make the game run smoothly. Except for the sound. It's a doozy of a sound problem, isn't it? And it brings up an interesting point: the latest version of MacMAME is .33 Beta 6. Version .31 was supposed to take care of the scratchy, skipping sound. One would think that this remedy would be included in later versions of the program, wouldn't they? Geuss not. So, I'm still playing with God-awful sound. If you find a version .31 available for download, tell us. I couldn't find it anywhere. Say, this reminds me! I've found some interesting cheats for the game, using MacMAME's built-in cheat program. I'll post them soon.

: Sorry I couldn't be of more help, Northlander. I'll keep looking for a solution.

: ~Aaron

Thanks Aaron. I'll see how it goes! I've noticed this problem on other ROMs as well, so maybe it will help. It's hard to relive the arcade game without that computerized rendition of the movie music. :) Maybe that sound problem has cropped in some of the new ROMs... doesn't the MacMAME program have to be rewritten to adapt to the requirements of new ROMs? Anyhow, it's still a fun and cheap way to waste some time!


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