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Posted by The Northlander from dialup2-9.uplogon.com on July 04, 1998 at 18:30:27:

In Reply to: I agree to some extent. . . posted by ericao on July 04, 1998 at 00:50:39:

: Northlander, I just wanted to say that you make a good point. What I was trying to say, however, is that if they couldn't come up with a decent plot, why not "rehash" a storyline from one of the novels? I mean, there are many Indy fans out there that haven't read the books, unfortunately, so it would be new to them. And seeing the Fate of Atlantis being made into a movie would be very lame. For one, the story wasn't all that good, I mean. . .for a computer game it was, but we're talking about Atlantis here. They could've done a lot more with that concept. Secondly, it was more or less like watching another Indy movie, with the exception of Harrison Fords voice and, like I've mentioned, a good plot. Anyway, I digress.

: I agree with you in that I would like Indy IV a lot more if they came up with something original, I just hope it's excellent. If they created a movie that was based on one of the better novels, excellence would most likely be assured.

: peaceout

Whichever novel they might base it on would be new to me, but it seems more than a little unlikely to happen. However, as others have noted, Temple of Doom did not "feel" like an Indy movie... it was not an epic quest like the other two films. Whether this was due to lack of scenery change, over-the-top action scenes or even the fact that it dealt with India's culture and gods instead of Christianity I'm not sure. My point is that it was a legitimate Indy adventure despite it's lack of epic feel. Now if some of the books are as good as, or even better than, Temple of Doom then who is to say an adaptation of one wouldn't make a decent Indy 4? I just don't think Spielberg or Lucas would want to go that route, however.


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