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Posted by Sandbagger1 from on July 07, 1998 at 06:10:00:

Okay, I know what you are all going to say..."Blasphemy!" And I agree, Indiana Jones would not be the same without Harrison Ford. I doubt anyone could ever do as good a job as he could. But for years, I have gotten mad at folks who say, "If it isn't Sean Connery, it isn't James Bond!" Well, I love the Connery-Bonds, but I think that all the actors who have played the part have done good, but DIFFERENT things with the role. Some of my favorite Bond films are those that don't star Sean Connery (I love "The Living Daylights"!). So, maybe, after at least one more (Go Indy-4!), they might come up with another actor. But I would also admit, I can't think of who could do the part justice, and is still young enough to do it. Let's be open-minded. Now, I open myself to the reactions...

Oh, and for the record, you can have a "Happy Ending" that is open, but even a closed one isn't necessarily closed. The ending of "Raiders" was fairly closed (except what becomes of the Ark), but they made a sequel, didn't they. And "Crusade" was pretty good! I also think that you don't need to follow a formula for a good film. I like "Raiders" best, then "Crusade," then "Temple." "Temple" is not as good a film, but it's a fun film to watch. I would say the only elements that must be in a movie for it to be an Indy film, are reasons for Indy to use his wits, his ability for death-defying stunts (though an older Indy falling on his ass would be funny, and make sense), and hopefully, his knowledge. Not necessarily on archaeology, but his ability to research, his knowledge of languages, etc.

Okay, I've rambled enough. Take care, gang!


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