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Posted by Andrea from on July 07, 1998 at 14:15:44:

Thanks for the info! Greg, I'm waiting for Dometakis too. However, let
me impart some info about the shirts. Indeed they are %100 Pima
Cotton. As for color, they ranged from gray to khaki. When shooting
they usually had a variety of shades in order to compensate for
the lighting set up. Apparently, on the set, they had a box filled with different colors. The most efficient thing to do would have been to light the set up according to the stand-in and then ask Ford to change his shirt if necessary. This could also explain why his shirt and pants often seem to vary from shot to shot and from film to film, even though they are relatively uniform, style-wise. Well, so much for continuity on a micro level.

As for the pants, they are constructed of %100 Whipcord Cotton (I'll need to double check on this one as my notes are back home). It's got a button fly and hook clasp. Again, the color varies a bit on these for probably the same reasons outlined above. Just as soon as I can, I'll double check on all this info (more than likely a solid year of film pre- through post-production has eroded my memory)! Nevertheless, the general Raiders color is Gray.

I'm getting fed up with the wait for Dometakis, frankly. He'll probably take 3 months to get back to me, only to say no. And I've come across some folk who had to wait better than a year--and this was some time ago. So I'm thinking of just getting one made.

Greg, you did the right thing. Incidentally, to save some time, what make of buttons did you have your seamstress use? Thanx!

Regards, Andrea

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